Reviews From Our Customers


“Just Like Family”

by Ludo Kumps from NYC, New York on 06/17/2016

As soon as I walked in the door, I was treated like family. They worked hard to find me a car to fit my needs. I asked many questions and ended up deciding to get the new Altima. There was no upselling and no pressure. Great work, guys!



by Kathy Renaud from NYC, New York on Oct. 18, 2016

I owned a Nissan Juke. Got it serviced at Fuccillo in Latham…. after 3 years…. wanted to go bigger. I went to Fuccillo Nissan on 10/16/2016 and left with a brand new Rogue… I pulled in…went into the office where a wonderful young man named Luke VanDixhorn assisted me. I, in my usual to the point tone told him… I have a Juke to trade in… explained what I wanted to happen… told him literally to go pick out a White AWD Rogue S with no expensive additions.. just basically, all I wanted was… the Rogue with AWD, heat and air… he probably thought I was a strange lot…but he did just what I asked.. he pulled the car.. one car only… we test drove.. he explained all the features that it did have… we proceeded with the buying/lease process, which was long, but smooth, professional, and worth the wait. As the customer, I felt at ease, welcome, well taken care of, and not stressed at all. Things went smoothly and I drove away in a beautiful new Rogue… the only sad part is I had to leave my beloved Juke behind. That was a great sporty and fun car…. great to drive, great on gas mileage.. felt sad… like leaving my puppy behind… but the Rogue is fantastic…so much room.. great smooth ride.. handles like a dream… and that new car smell is fantastic… I can’t thank Fuccillo enough… the whole transaction was perfect even under their hectic construction.. they didn’t miss a beat.. Started on their website… called to make appointment.. went.. saw Luke VanDixhorn.. bam… done in one afternoon… As I said before… I had the Juke and I had it serviced there… Their service team is also great. I have never had an issue yet. Will Baez, the Business Manager is also fantastic to work with. Great Team at Fuccillo Latham….And for those that no me.. I tell no lies! I am pretty honest!


“4 Stars”

by Wayne Hildreth on 12/28/16

Leased our 2nd vehicle from Fuccillo Nissan and again very satisfied. Everyone did a good job. Eric made sure I got the price I wanted and salesman Nick D. did his job well. Only downfall was the fact that it is under construction and very muddy and messy. Through no fault of theirs the car wasn’t as clean and shiny as you would like a new car to be and the inside floor was muddy. Again, not necessarily their fault. Looking forward to returning to a nice new showroom and lot.


“Happy Customer!”

by Joseph098 on 06/08/16

I had a bad experience at my old dealership and decided to try out Fuccillo Nissan. They were very helpful. They provided me with a loaner car while they serviced my car over 2 days. The manager was great. This was the best experience I have ever had. I will be coming back. Thanks a lot!